About us

Manzoil Ltd., has been established under the Polish Law since 2005 as a Polish – American joint venture. From 2005-2009 the company focused of unconventional fuels market operations (biodiesel).

In 2008, with the support from the European Parliament in accordance with a range of projects aimed at combating climate change, Manzoil began preparing to meet these requirements through the import and sale of biomass from renewable energy sources.

Manzoil has opened associated offices in Germany and South Korea to effectively operate on both the European and Asian markets.

Thanks to our partners we expanded our network to biomass producers all over the world.

We cooperate with business partners that guarantee biomass of the highest quality.

We provide full service cooperation for:
  • Biomass import
  • Comprehensive logistical services encompassing:
    • Maritime service
    • Port attendance
    • Overland logistics
    • Door to door deliveries

    Manzoil Ltd.

    ul. M. Mochnackiego 4/60
    02-042 Warsaw, Poland
    Phone: +48 22 823 65 17


    Iwona Ślotała
    e-mail: is@manzoil.com


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