New energy

Utilising our broad experience and networks, Manzoil New Energy focuses on developing sustainable energy solutions that involve environmentally beneficial technologies. We work with others to effectively commercialise solutions that have a sound technological platform. Providing strategic, business and financial inputs we seek opportunities that in particular are likely to have a positive multiplier impact in other areas. Whilst we are focused on ensuring there is a reasonable financial return from the venture success for the various stake holders is likely to be measured in more broad terms. In particular we are aware of the need to consider that ventures create a positive social and environmental impact.

We will work in partnership with others to ensure the success of viable solutions and often will take a stake in the success of the venture.

If you have a solution that you are working on but are having issues in any of the following areas:

  • Structuring your project and assessing initial viability
  • Raising finance
  • Finding locations at which the technology can be applied
  • Sourcing inputs for the technology
  • Taking the technology into other markets
  • Seeking a buyer for the solution

We would be happy to have some initial discussions.


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